Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Year in Review

What can I say...it has been over a year since I have posted. Actually we ended up not spending Thanksgiving 05' alone as all of our children's plans changed....so it was a very full and very fun house. There have been many changes to our family this past year.

Both Amy and Brian & Kyle and Carolyn bought new homes this year. Amy and Brian moved up into a larger home and are enjoying the space. Abram can now run around all over the place. Kyle and Carolyn were able to buy their very first condo this year and are thrilled to be decorating their own space. Gabriel has been busy discovering every square inch of their new home. Brian and Ashley have celebrated their 1st year of marriage and Ashley has been busy decorating the former "bachelor pad"...she is doing an awesome job. Eric decided to not live as a resident firefighter anymore, so he moved back home for a few months and was able to move on again into an apartment. All of this moving occured right around September so needless to say we were becoming expert at moving...not to mention tired.

But the biggest news in our family this year is that Carolyn is expecting a double blessing...TWINS....due on August 7th. We are all so surprised...especially Kyle and Carolyn. As for Riley and I, we were able to have an awesome vacation with Riley's family at Disneyworld. Riley was able to dive twice, once with the manatees and then again in a tank in Epcot. He so enjoyed himself!!! All in all our year was full of blessings...we can't wait to see what 2007 brings......

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Heather Arthur said...

One post on one year doesn't get you back on my list of blogs friends. You will have to keep it up. :)