Monday, March 07, 2005

Another grandson on the way!!

Today we received the news that Kyle and Carolyn will be having a boy in June. We are so excited for them, and oh yeah...for us too!! What a blessing, another grandson, we couldn't be more thrilled. Now the next question is what will his name be???


Jonathan said...

Lets get crackin on more posts here, eh (that's my Canadian). I see you posted to my blog regarding the perfection article. I had no idea that was their til this morning (5/11/05). When did you post your comment? If I get time to recollect my thoughts on that piece, I'll be sure to sum-it-up for you, meanwhile, keep posting, and letting people know you've got more stuff up, so they'll keep coming back to the site. MORE ABRAM PICS. He's too cute not to share with the www-public.

Jonathan said...

Hmmm...Mary, all these posts...where do you find the time :)

Heather Arthur said...

You are in big trouble missy for not putting anything new on your blog. Gab is already over three months old!!!